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0000643Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-15 07:10
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Summary0000643: verify domain fails

i wanted to verify my domain and i got a verify-link. But this link does not works:

The output of this pages shows:

Parameters are missing. Please try the complete URL.

I think because of the "=" in the hash-value. Can someone fix this please? There should be a general check of the hashvalue of this character.
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2008-10-07 20:33

administrator   ~0001227

You did not use a proper email client when you got the link.
You either used a broken webmail system, or a text-editor or text-viewer.
Please use a proper email client to copy the URL from.


2008-10-07 20:48

reporter   ~0001228

Thanks for this hint. It worked ;)

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