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0000646Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-10-22 23:44
Reportermucm Assigned ToMartinGummi  
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Fixed in Version2013 Q4 
Summary0000646: confusing link labels, 3 different names for the same assurance form
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:

1. go to
2. log in
3. click the link labelled "CAP/TTP Forms"
4. PROBLEM 1: the link in this case refers to the form as "CAP"
5. PROBLEM 2: under this heading, the two "WoT Form" links, and the two "Assurance Form" links, and the two "CAP Form" links all go to essentially the same place, namely cap.php
(two of each because of A4 vs US paper size)
6. click the other heading link labelled "CAcert Web of Trust"
7. click "Assure someone"
8. enter an e-mail address of someone to assure
9. PROBLEM 3: the links in this case are called "WoT Form" just above the "I am sure of myself" button

Solution: relabel the links mentioned in step 4, 5, and 9, and remove the redundancy in 5, using for a label whatever the "real" name of this assurance process is, and the "real" name of this form is, based on the the community practices documents.
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Werner Dworak

2012-12-18 15:52

updater   ~0003460

Soon a new CAP form will come, so nothing is changed


2013-10-22 23:44

updater   ~0004409

fixed with new CAP form links

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