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0000071Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2013-01-13 15:16
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Summary0000071: Certificate Login - usability problem
DescriptionNew words for the two login systems:
"Password Login"
"Certificate Login"

Another idea:
We could make only one "login" link to the login page, and remove the Certificate Login from the Menu.
Then we put a link on the login page, saying "If you want, you can also login using your client certificate. To do so, please click <<here>>"

That way we have enough place to make sure that the people understand it.
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2006-08-16 19:23

developer   ~0000560

Moving links or removing them from the menu would only serve to upset existing users, but the labels have been updated and should be clearer now.


2006-08-16 19:46

manager   ~0000574

I guess Duane is right.

- What about an additional Link on the "Password Login" site?
- What about moving the "Lost Password" menu item to the "Password Login
  site? Would empty the navigation a bit which is getting more crowded daily


2006-08-16 19:52

developer   ~0000576

I don't see a great need to worry about the main page, most items are hidden by default, and people tend to get confused if you only put the lost password link on the login page, although it might be useful to duplicate efforts, although I doubt it.

I renamed "Normal Login" to "Password Login"

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