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Summary0000721: No way to revoke sigs on a OpenPGP key
DescriptionThere is no way to revoke the sig on a OpenPGP like revoking the X.509 client and server certs.

This may be useful only in a few situations but including the common case if a lost private key and no revoker cert can be found: The owner of the key could at least revoke some 'trust' from the old key.
Steps To ReproduceVisit the view GPG/PGP Keys page.
Additional InformationHow a good revoking of the sig could be done:

add a link to a revoking page.
On the page the user gets ask how to revoke:
1) generate a revoke cert and print it out to the user so the user can import it and public it.
2) send it to a keyserver selected by CAcert (a list of servers for redundancy)
3) send it to the preferred keyserver (the keyserver given marked as preferred in the key)
4) send it to a keyserver the user can enter.

What to do *should* be a multiple choice menu because normally it makes much sens to send it to the preferred keyserver and a list of serveres maintained by CAcert or a additional keyserver entered by the user...
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has duplicate 0001079 needs work GPG key can not be revoked 
related to 0000089 needs workSourcerer GPG Revokation Escrow Service 


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