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0000723Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2012-12-20 15:49
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PlatformMain CAcert WebsiteOSN/AOS Versionstable
Summary0000723: No notify mail on expiring sigs on OpenPGP Keys
DescriptionIf a X.509 key expires there is a notify mail to inform you so you can renew/create a new cert in time.

There is no such thing for OpenPGP Keys.

Good fix:
The system should save the date a sig is expiring and send a email $SOME_TIME before it expires so the user an resign his/her key.

Better fix:
The system should calculate the date when a uid gets not signed by CAcert and send you an email $SOME_TIME before.

Maybe it is best to do the first thing but test if there is any newer sig on the uid so the user does not get a notify mail in case he/she just resigned the key short before the notify.
Steps To Reproducesign a OpenPGP key and wait a year.
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related to 0001079 needs work GPG key can not be revoked 


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