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0000729Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2012-12-20 08:33
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Summary0000729: Multiple GPG Keys
DescriptionIt is possible to add the own gpg key several times, but there is no chance to delete the multiple entries from the system.
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related to 0000089 needs workSourcerer GPG Revokation Escrow Service 
related to 0001079 needs work GPG key can not be revoked 



2009-05-30 23:51

administrator   ~0001414

Yes, being able to add a key multiple times is the intended behaviour. (The same functionality is also available for PKCS#10 CSR's).
Regarding the deletion of OpenPGP keys: We could add the functionality to "disable" OpenPGP keys, which would make them hidden in the account, so you would have to click on "Show All Keys" to see them again. Besides disabling, we currently do not have any. Is hiding the keys the behaviour you are asking for, or are do you want other behaviour additionally?


2009-05-31 07:23

reporter   ~0001420

Hiding the keys would be something i could imagine.

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