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0000744Test1.cacert.atpublic2013-08-06 20:08
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Summary0000744: test users
DescriptionAs reported in the url below the lack of test accounts on the test system makes it hard to easily test new code:

I would have tested the PGP code you proposed ages ago had these test accounts been available.

In order for these test users to be usable in the long term if there is a daily script that resets the points and passwords of these accounts that would be great.

Also is adding a publicly accessible support admin account possible to monitor the internal state changes and/or reset these accounts to a suitable assurance level during testing?

And/or a phpmyadmin visible with select privs only?

Suggest putting the implementation of this on a wiki page.
Additional InformationPoints, Username=Password
45 NearlyAssured1
45 NearlyAssured2
45 NearlyAssured3
45 NearlyAssured4
45 NearlyAssured5

95 NearlyAssurerCandidate1
95 NearlyAssurerCandidate2
95 NearlyAssurerCandidate3
95 NearlyAssurerCandidate4
95 NearlyAssurerCandidate5

105 AssuerCandidate1
(No CATs training pass)

105 Assuer1
105 Assuer2
105 Assuer3
105 Assuer4
105 Assuer5

150 HighAssurer1
150 HighAssurer2
150 HighAssurer3
150 HighAssurer4
150 HighAssurer5
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related to 0001079 needs work Main CAcert Website GPG key can not be revoked 
related to 0001107 new CACert CATS Manual has only one page, which is mostly empty 



2013-05-01 12:52

updater   ~0003959 is OFFLINE has been replaced since 2009/2010 by new testserver
in the meanwhile also CATS1 (testserver for cats testserver) has been moved over to the environment

The new testserver has a connected T(estserver) M(anagement) S(ystem), short TMS, that fulfills the requirement to setup specific account settings for a test account.
documentation you'll find here ->

With the TMS system, mostly all scenarios can be prepared. Every Assurance level, every Experience level, you can assure as many other testuser accounts. You can test certs creation and also cert login
There is no direct console access (limited to Software-Assessors only)
instead use TMS to receive emails, the testserver sends to your used email account in testing.
cacert1 is isolated in sending emails. Therefor the TMS als covers simple email client functionality.
eg create a testaccount under cacert1, go to TMS (ca-mgr1.), login with your used email address and password (just created on the testserver), go to mail, copy and paste the verification link
go to manage account, to add assurance over this account, to add experience points to this new account, to set special flags, initiate cats test
You also can manualy test the CATS. Create a client cert for the testuser, goto use client cert login with the test-client-cert, pass the test cats test, and around 10 min's later, the passed cats is transfered over to the testserver account.

So the new testserver is a full working environment that can be changed to whatever requirements are needed with the TMS system.


2013-05-01 12:53

updater   ~0003960

bug report is obsolete after move from over to


2013-08-06 20:08

updater   ~0004210

closed, in the meanwhile there are at least 16000 accounts with different levels

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