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0000747Main CAcert Websitetranslationspublic2013-01-15 14:12
ReporterUli60 Assigned ToUli60  
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PlatformMain CAcert WebsiteOSN/AOS Versionstable
Fixed in Version2009 Q2 
Summary0000747: Assure someone => start notify mail => ERROR! Mail has sent
DescriptionThe translingo phrase "ERROR!" and the 2nd part of the text "Mail has sent"
doesn't match in wot?id=5 if the mail has been sent in the German translation.
Translated text:
FEHLER! Mail wurde gesendet.
Has to be translated as "Warning!" or "Hinweis!" ...
As the text has been splitted, the translingo points to

first translation:

or 2nd translation:

that is not correct at this point.
Don't know if in other situations the string text in the source should be "Error!" but at this part of text the translation should be "Hinweis!" -> "Hint!" or similar
Steps To ReproduceAssure someone - enter an email address not yet in the database - Error! not in database -> send reminder mail -> "Fehler!: Eine Erinnerungsnachricht wurde versandt."
Additional Information1st translation:
Comment: #: includes/account.php:67 www/verify.php:33 www/verify.php:45
#: www/verify.php:76 www/verify.php:89

2nd translation:
Comment: #: www/wot/5.php:15

corrected 2nd translation (edit=5045)
if www/wot/5.php:15 is the only text, then it should be corrected.
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