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0000075Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2013-01-13 15:20
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Summary0000075: GPG Signature revocation system needed
DescriptionWe need to be able to issue GPG signature revocations.

Many users seem to lose their GPG keys too often, and normally they don't have GPG key revocation certificates stored (they should have, but they don't normally do), or one might have his GPG key storage device compromised and abused, without access to a copy of his key or a revocation certificate.

Revoking the signature would help break the trust on a compromised or lost key, or at least, removing our share of trust from that key.
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2005-11-22 21:06

developer   ~0000030

There is limited value in being able to revoke GPG signatures. People need to revoke their keys instead, which is something we can't do within the current GPG framework.


2005-11-22 23:17

developer   ~0000035

Might be worth investing in a revokation escrow service, as this is a function already performed with our x.509 services.

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