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0000774Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2012-12-22 20:49
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Summary0000774: No e-mail conformation when revoking org client certificate
DescriptionWhen i revoke a client certificate under my personal acount i get an e-mail from support saying certificate is revoked.

When i do same thing with a org client or server certificate i don't get a mail de certificate is revoked.

I am missing to conformation of the revokecation
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Hans Verbeek

2009-10-04 08:04

reporter   ~0001495

Yesterday one of my org-certificates expired, but I did not get any info by email. As I am the primary maintainer of this org account, I had expected to be informed by automatic email about this expiration.
So it looks as if no email is ever sent for an org cert.
I had expected to get emails for org certificates, just like I get them for personal certs.

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