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0000800Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2012-12-20 15:54
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Summary0000800: Integration Interface for Seahorse

I found:

Seahorse (key storage for GNOME) would benefit from a simple to implement interface to create CAcert accounts, get notified if a keysigning party is close to the user and having the ability to simply sign PGP keys.

A seahorse bug is here:

It would be good to
a) Add the use cases to the wiki-design
b) implement an API to couple seahorse to CAcert

Thanks !
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2009-12-16 00:04

administrator   ~0001536

Sounds like a good idea to me. Feel free to add the use-cases to the wiki directly. Regarding the API, I would suggest that you write up a draft for the API for it, and send it to me for a short review before posting it on the wiki too.


2009-12-23 14:04

reporter   ~0001540

I will do it soon, but got interrupted by unexpected holidays and exercises...will be back on duty in one or two weeks...

Looking forward to this interesting task :-)


2010-01-06 17:46

reporter   ~0001548

I got a first draft (no details yet-I don't know your architecture) and would like to send it to you. Please mail me I do not have your address

thorsten -dot- sick -at- email -dot- de


2010-02-01 16:06

reporter   ~0001558

This is the first draft. No details yet, only a list of features.

Please comment, so I can continue and add the details (protocol).

I plan to visit FOSDEM. Will you be there ?

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