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0000801Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-01-18 00:11
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Fixed in Version2013 Q1 
Summary0000801: Date of assurance should be in user's timezone
DescriptionWhen an assurance is registered online the same day the face-to-face meeting took place, the user normallyl doesn't enter a date online (this is what the website proposes).

However, the date inserted automatically is misleading because it is in some foreign timezone (PST ?). So if I do an assurance at 9 pm in Germany, it will list 3 am on the next day without giving any information about the timezone.

Here are some ideas:

- Do not add the time of the assurance automatically because it simply can NEVER match the real time of the meeting
- Have the user set his/her timezone, or at least gues from browser language (uh ...)

The date field should also have type contraints of some kind, because I think I can happily enter "sheepdog" there and have it listed (didn't check, but looks pretty free-form).
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2010-07-27 16:11

administrator   ~0001605

This is intentionally a free-form field, since it should help the assurer to remember when he did the assurance, in case of a dispute.


2010-09-21 21:26

reporter   ~0001718

This issue also applies to any automatically generated assurance forms. Because the server is in Australia, anything I print out after ~6am CST will have the incorrect date on it.


2013-01-18 00:04

updater   ~0003699

the date check is included in bug

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