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0000809CATS.cacert.orgContent (Questions and Answers)public2012-12-27 17:20
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Summary0000809: checking the answers after finishing with 100%
Descriptionthere is no option to check your own answers after finishing with 100%

not really necessary but interesting if you guessed an answer.
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related to 0001107 new CACert CATS Manual has only one page, which is mostly empty 



2011-04-05 22:09

administrator   ~0001907

Hmm, reading this again I don't understand it.
The correct answer is shown. You guessed the correct answer, so your answer is shown beside the correct answer.

Where's the problem?


2011-04-06 06:10

reporter   ~0001909

When I completed the CATS, I was presented with a comparison of what I answered and what was correct, so this works as advertised. Perhaps the original author means at a later time? I only observe the I can see only the tests that I failed, not those that I also answered as correct.

The cats has some interesting comments, even if we did answer correctly.


2011-04-15 21:19

administrator   ~0001922

Last edited: 2011-04-15 21:22

Ahh, now I guess I know. Correct answers and user answers are shown in two columns, and it is not obvious which column has wich meaning (user or correct).


2011-04-15 21:21

administrator   ~0001923

Fixed in SVN rev. 2213

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