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0000845Main CAcert Websitepublic2013-01-15 14:43
Reporterjselzer Assigned ToUli60  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2011 Q2 
Summary0000845: Cannot verify additional email address
Description1) "Email accounts" -> "Add"
2) Enter valid email address.
3) Click "I am authorized..."
Message: "Address has to be verified" (or somehow similar)
4) "Email accounts" -> "View"
5) New address is listed as "Unverified"
6) Check mail at
7) No outgoing mail to this address is listed.
Additional InformationBecause I guess that this issue is not browser related, I have not listed any information about my client here. Just tell me if you see this differently and need more information.
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related to 0000834 closedUli60 Adding a domain results in wrong confirmation email 



2010-08-18 10:13

updater   ~0001665

This problem seems to be functional related
see also
on adding domains and email addresses an email probe
will be initiated, differently to the
create account verification, where the system
sends an email to the specified email address, sends
the probe function emails to domain specific email
addresses like postmaster@mydomain, administrator@mydomain
or webmaster@mydomain. Those addresses differ from the
primary email address of the used account, so therefor
the sent email address will not be listed under the
account that has been used for the probe function


2010-08-18 10:40

updater   ~0001666

email address selection needs to be expanded for the Testserver Mgmt System
view my account - MAIL
  check primary email address
+ check secondary email addresses
+ check added domains and add aliases:
   root@, hostmaster@, postmaster@, admin@, webmaster@


2010-08-18 14:56

updater   ~0001668

Probably this problem has been solved with a Testserver Mgmt System fix
by displaying not only mails for the primary email address of an account.
So also selecting mails for secondary accounts and the 5 known aliases
for domain add verification (i.e. postmaster@yourdomain)

following sql queries are needed to get those addtl. email addresses:
1. select from users where email='primary-email-address-of-account';
2. select from email where memid=[];
3. select domains.domain from domains where memid=[];

Problem has been fixed by MW


2011-05-22 12:36

updater   ~0001982

problem fixed by edgarwahn around 2010-08-18

Werner Dworak

2012-12-21 04:59

updater   ~0003507

More than 3 month fixed and no complaints

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