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0000858Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2014-02-22 22:29
ReporterJSteijlen Assigned ToINOPIAE  
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Summary0000858: find an assurer fails when a user can't access his account.
DescriptionApplicable wiki pages and support suggest to users with lost password to follow the password recovery procedures and find assurers (in case of password recovery via assurance)

This fails on the site. Without access to an account you can't use the directory (wot.php?id=1) nor the search function (wot.php?id=12).
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related to 0000976 closedUli60 List of update request for webdb database structure upgrade with tables / fields 
related to 0000067 closedtgage Website is incomprehensible for first time assurers 
has duplicate 0000873 closed make find an assurer available for non login area? 
related to 0001005 closedINOPIAE User is shown in find an Assurer while account is deleted 
child of 0000878 needs work replace locations-database-set with new dataset or alternate solution a20090427.2 



2010-12-13 09:45

updater   ~0001817

Problem is the security level.
Not logged-in users don't have permissions to list Assurers, so list of assurers in a defined area cannot be displayed.

Alternate solution: outsource the search and find for an Assurer function into a mailing list ?!?
Find an Assurer -> send mail to new mailing list FindAsurer@lists.
So probably others on vacation, business tour, conference can become also possible assurer ?

Outsource to a community server like the gooze project?


2011-07-03 12:10

updater   ~0002078

one potential option is to create a new "login state":
not logged-in, but email address can be found in database
so email address can be verified to be a user, who
has created an account, but now has problems to login

Find assurer option in the not-logged-in environment
with pre-step function:
find user <email>
if successful verified email
continue with the assurers listing


2014-02-22 22:29

updater   ~0004599

the fix could be the new community portal

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