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0000862Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2013-01-10 16:04
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Summary0000862: Extra field to enter assuarnace place and time on page for the reminder mail to an assuree
DescriptionWhen sending a reminding mail to an assuree that is not
found in the system, add text field to enter the event and
place where the assurance took place and forward this with the reminder mail.
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2011-08-23 02:50

updater   ~0002326

process starts with
and continues with
oldid = id (5)
submit -> reminder="<?=_("Send reminder notice")?>">
line 52 ff.
if($oldid == 5 && array_key_exists('reminder',$_POST) && $_POST['reminder'] != "")
  incl. reset vars
    $id = $oldid;

the trigger in form is the reminder = "Send reminder notice"
no addtl. form, exec of trigger is to prepare and send an email to assuree only
location and date is not yet stored in the database, so therefor no location and date can be added into the email

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