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0000087Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2012-12-23 07:36
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Summary0000087: Issuing certificates for Jabber servers/users
Description1. Download Net::XMPP --

2. Download sendxmpp --

3. I've created an account

4. Create your ~/.sendxmpprc configuration file in accordance with the man page, normally this will include only the following line: your-password-here

5. Do this to verify an end-user account of the form user@host.tld:

   echo "To verify your account, visit" | sendxmpp user@host.tld

6. Do this to verify a Jabber server (host.tld):

   echo "To verify your control over this Jabber server, visit" | sendxmpp host.tld

Probably best to use the -t option which requires SSL/TLS.
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2005-11-22 20:33

developer   ~0000028


eg JabberID is in the form similar to email addresses

So we'd put the Jabber ID (= XMPP address) in as UTF8 at the end. The otherName can also be "id-on-xmppAddr" instead of the numeric object ID (the two are equivalent).


2005-12-02 11:06

updater   ~0000051

Duane: That's correct for both clients and servers. In other words, any JabberID (client address or server address) would be represented in the certificate in accordance with section 5.1 of RFC 3920, i.e., as a UTF8String within an otherName entity inside the subjectAltName, using the ASN.1 Object Identifier "id-on-xmppAddr" (which in dotted display format is "").


2005-12-08 20:37

developer   ~0000070

Do we need this check for jabber servers? Since the domains are verified with the system, there would be no need to verify jabber servers.

Jabber users need to be verified still.


2006-03-27 04:37

reporter   ~0000114

as someone has seemingly implemented support for this (thanks btw!):
I am not sure if the id-on-xmppAddr is correct for IDN (sub-)domains.

My test case was a certificate for `├Ątsch.mydomain`. I generated the CSR encoding this hostname in punycode, `xn--tsch-koa.mydomain` (possibly pebcak).

In the resulting certificate, commonName, dNSName and id-on-xmppAddr contain this string. I would have expected that id-on-xmppAddr is de-punycoded to an utf8 string (using idna_to_unicode_*), e.g. `├Ątsch.mydomain` again.

/me pokes stpeter


2006-08-16 05:56

developer   ~0000503

Anyone have time/inclination to work on a system to verify jabber user IDs and then issue certificates with extensions?

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