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0000873Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2013-01-15 15:00
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Fixed in Version2012 Q4 
Summary0000873: make find an assurer available for non login area?
DescriptionThere is a new password recovery procedure (pw recover by assurance), in which case the subject does not have an functional cacert login.

Wouldn't it be nice if such people could find an assurer by searching the cacert assurer database?

This is just an idea, request for discussion.
Additional InformationCreate a link to (find an assurer) on the cacert main page (non login area).
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duplicate of 0000858 fix availableINOPIAE find an assurer fails when a user can't access his account. 
related to 0001005 closedINOPIAE User is shown in find an Assurer while account is deleted 
child of 0000878 needs work replace locations-database-set with new dataset or alternate solution a20090427.2 


Andreas Baess

2010-10-05 12:37

developer   ~0001729

Using the bug tracking system for an discussion is no good idea, this is what the development mailinglist is for. When this list comes to an conclusion for a feature request this should be noted in the system.

However I don't believe it is a good idea opening a channel to the spammers to send their messages to our assurers in an easier way compared to the demand for contacting an assurer without signing up to the community.


2011-07-18 23:36

updater   ~0002151

potential solution:
step 1: find user by email (user has to know his own email address)
        user email found ? No -> stop. do nothing
                             Yes -> continue step 2
step 2: user account has assurances received ?
        if count(rcvd assurances) > 0 ? No -> stop. do nothing
                                    Yes -> continue step 3
step 3: addtl test ? captcha ?
        display assurers list

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