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0000875Main CAcert Websitesource codepublic2014-10-28 22:17
ReporterINOPIAE Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
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Product Version2010 Q4 
Target Version2014 Q1 
Summary0000875: In german register routine the error message is in english
DescriptionWhile trying to register a new member on the test server I run into the follwing problem, which is also on the production server.
While using the German translation one error message is in English instead of German. The message for problems with the password:
"The Pass Phrase you submitted failed to contain enough differing characters and/or contained words from your name and/or email address. Only scored -1 points out of 6." In transligo the phrase is translated. May be its a problem with the placeholder for the translated phrase.
All other error messages that I tried to produced are in German as aspected.
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related to 0000846 closedTed Better guidance of bonafide members in Join Form about Suffixes they doesn't have in their ID doxs (a20100207.2) 



2011-06-21 18:33

updater   ~0002050

Another ticket with the same problem s20110621.56


2012-12-12 12:11

updater   ~0003414

The issue is still there.
eg in www/index.php in line 117 you find:
$_SESSION['_config']['errmsg'] = sprintf(_("The Pass Phrase you submitted failed to contain enough differing characters and/or contained words from your name and/or email address. Only scored %s points out of 6."), $score);

The string is translated on and reffered to index.php in line 117.


2014-01-26 17:25

updater   ~0004539

I pushed a fix to

Test scenario:
On a German sytem try to create a new account with weak password. The message should be in German now.


2014-01-28 23:09

updater   ~0004556

When I tested this bug, I got the correct kind of message, but the value of the quality of the pw was negative (well it was really bad).

=> ok


2014-10-28 21:11

updater   ~0005077

Last edited: 2014-10-28 21:17

If a translation is availability I see the translated text about passwords.
Test with DE -> ok
Test with SE -> ok
Test with IT -> ok
Test with NL -> ok
Test with FR -> ok
Test with FI -> ok
Test with JA/JP -> ok
Test with ES -> ok

=> OK


2014-10-28 22:17

updater   ~0005079

Please review as we have at least to successful test.

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