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0000898Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2012-01-17 09:14
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Summary0000898: Find Assurer lists different Assurer Points results under different users
Description2 different users selects "Find an Assurer"
selects one city => sample "Cologne"
"Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany", LocationID=417638, circle 10 km

both gets the same assurers, but Assurers points listed are differs
Assurer A Assurer B
---------------- ------------------
Volker H 0km 20 Volker H 0km 10
Mikael V 0km 30 Mikael V 0km 10
Frank M 0km 35 Frank M 0km 10
Stefan P 0km 35 Stefan P 0km 10
Steps To Reproduce
select "Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany", LocationID=417638, circle 10 km
should lists above 4 names in the first 4 rows
points count may vary under different users

Additional Informationscreen outputs saved, can be requested from u60 :)
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related to 0001005 closedINOPIAE User is shown in find an Assurer while account is deleted 
child of 0000878 needs work replace locations-database-set with new dataset or alternate solution a20090427.2 



2010-12-10 05:51

updater   ~0001814

As far as I can see this behavior is due to the number of points of the person searching.
Results tried on the test server:
Person with 0 points default behavior as desired.
Person with 100 points and CATS all people visible show 10 points
Person with 150 points and CATS default behavior as desired

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