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0000904Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2012-06-24 06:03
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Summary0000904: (Is) Assurer listing questionable
Descriptionby working on the Thawte patch

another topic araises

> A similar change will affect the search
> when all the Thawte points are removed, as some current Assurers will
> not have 100 assurance points but will remain listed.

good point ... will the user be listed in the Assurers list ?
from /pages/wot/12.php query:

$query = "SELECT ROUND(6378.137 * ACOS(0.9999999*((SIN(PI() * $loc[lat] / 180)
     * SIN(PI() * `locations`.`lat` / 180)) + (COS(PI() * $loc[lat] / 180 )
     * COS(PI() * `locations`.`lat` / 180) * COS(PI()
     * `locations`.`long` / 180 - PI() * $loc[long] / 180)))), -1)
     AS `distance`, `locations`.`name` AS `location`,
     concat(`users`.`fname`, ' ', LEFT(`users`.`lname`, 1)) AS `name`,
    `long`, `lat`, `users`.`id` as `uid`, `contactinfo` FROM `locations`,
     `users` WHERE `users`.`locid` = `locations`.`id` AND
     `users`.`assurer` = 1 AND `users`.`listme` = 1
     HAVING `distance` <= '$maxdist' ORDER BY `distance` LIMIT 50";

=> display the Assurer listing
  `users`.`assurer` = 1 AND `users`.`listme` = 1
if this is true or false after the points removal

mmh ... but on writing ... this can only be an assumption, not a real value ... 'cause the 15.php lists the behavior after the points removal w/o modifying database content, but IsAssurer and/or listme needs to be modified
so changes may happen. mmhh .. ok, probably its better to open a new bug ticket

I've also noted in Arbitration cases, where the user has Assurer=1 set and trainings=0 (???) in the support console view (starting account.php?id=42)

    <td class="DataTD"><?=_("Trainings")?>:</td>
    <td class="DataTD">account.php?id=55&userid=<?=intval($row['id'])?></td>
    <td class="DataTD"><?=_("Is Assurer")?>:</td>
    <td class="DataTD"><a href="account.php?id=43&assurer=<?=intval($row['id'])?>&csrf=<?=make_csrf('admsetassuret')?>"><?=$row['assurer']?></a></td>

details on IsAssurer can be found under

for Assurer listing probably the query on CATS results needs to be executed for each assurer to get the correct results, so the Assurer=1 and Trainings=0
becomes eliminated.
Additional InformationArbitration case a20100212.2
> > * IsAssurer ? Trainings > 0 ? Yes/No
> IsAssurer = True
> Trainings = 0

this behavior has been seen more then once
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child of 0000878 needs work replace locations-database-set with new dataset or alternate solution a20090427.2 



2010-12-24 01:42

updater   ~0001832

report by Peter:

>> I think the big issue here is that 'old' assurers who have not passed
>> the assurer challenge still appear in the 'Find an Assurer' search.
> this behavior I cannot confirm as old assurers complained, that
> they are no longer listed ...

I can confirm it, as I was in this category for over a year and I was
very surprised to find that I was still listed.

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