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0000907Wikipublic2014-11-04 22:27
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Summary0000907: Error while creating a COAP from
DescriptionThe entry of the "reg. number" is not placed in the create pdf-file under
The part for it "&identity=VR+0000" is present in the URL.
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2011-06-21 20:16

updater   ~0002051

Additional ticket in support s20110620.98

Dear support,
I tried to fill the COAP
( today and figured out,
that the order of the fields is not in the right sequence.
Additionally, the "generate PDF file" links to leading to a "404 - File not
found!". Possible to fix this, too?


2011-09-15 16:02

updater   ~0002444

In general:
all COAP forms needs reviewed and removed / depricated
to one working revision
sources of different COAP forms:
(* (16!!!)
so I count 8 different versions, so at least half of them unusable
so OAO has to mark the unusual revisions as depricate or
have to order, that the unused revision will be removed
and to document what the bug is on the remaining revision (if a bug exist)


2011-09-15 16:03

updater   ~0002445

OAO to decide which revision should remain and become the "working revision"

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