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Summary0000917: Problems with the missing mx report in domain verification
DescriptionWe recieved the following featurer request in support under ticket s20110313.29
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I have a pretty specific scenario that your automated systems are not dealing with all too
well :)

I have recently registered a domain (VERLEXSON.COM) using

I have also utilized the Secret Registration feature of the DynDNS service.

The domain is to be used while I am out and about so that my Mobile phone can connect back
through my ADSL connection to my internal Microsoft Exchange server.

I need a certificate to be connected to Mail.DOMAIN.XXXXX.

There are no MX records for DOMAIN.XXXXX since it is purely a means for my mobile phone
to find my home network, and my business domain YYYYYYYY.CO.ZA.

Your automated server is failing because:

1) The Secret Registration service is hiding my actual e-mail from your service.


2) There are no MX records for the domain, so no e-mail can be delivered directly to it.


3) DynDNS will not forward mail on to me in an attempt to block out spam.

The issue is easily resolved though, a message can be sent to me through DynDNS using the
following service:

This service allows you to enter my domain, VERLEXSON.COM, verify with CAPTCHA that you
are human, and then you can send me my verification e-mail.

I would greatly appreciate any such extension of your usual services.
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