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0000919CATS.cacert.orgUser Interfacepublic2012-12-27 17:14
Reporterjcurl Assigned ToTed  
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Summary0000919: Achieve 100% go going back to results
DescriptionWhile I passed my first test with 88%, I was trying to figure out if there was a way to print the results (the comments given, even if correct) are useful (so I further clicked on some other pages). To get back to the results page, I jumped back some pages (sorry, I don't recall to what exact URL).
What happened, the page was empty (i.e. no questions) and told me I had reached 100%.

This is now recorded as having done the tests twice, whereby I've only done it once. Results confirmed by logging into and also, whereby I see the system believes I really did two tests.
Additional InformationWhile Ted believed this could be similar to issue 0000755, that looks more like a change request. This ticket is a sure was to reach assurer status without actually understanding anything of the CCA and other Policies.

I'm not prepared to recreate the issue with my real account as I'd like not to fake my results. If there is a test server which is not connected to my live account, I could probably reproduce the issue and provide more detail.
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duplicate of 0000755 needs workTed 'back'-button shows solution of test 
related to 0001107 new CACert CATS Manual has only one page, which is mostly empty 


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