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Summary0000932: Get UTF8 failured email subject
DescriptionThe subject was "=?utf-8?B?W0NBY2VydC5vcmddIFlvdSd2ZSBiZWVuIEFzc3VyZWQu?="

You are receiving this email because you have been assured by Atona Çodelu (

You were issued 100 points however the system has rounded this down to 10 and you now have 10 points in total.

Best regards
CAcert Support Team
Additional InformationTestserver system is an enclosed environment, no mails can be sent out from the testserver. Mail delivery is completely blocked by the testservers firewall.

This is either
a) to prevent unwanted illegitimate use our testserver by spammers
b) to prevent conflicts in sending mails with the production server

But some tests requires sending of mails, to check if mails are sent, and if the content relates to the proposed content. At least in the create an account routine, also on adding a domain, the tester has to await an email for confirmation of the triggered action.

Also some other activities needs to be handled similiar to a console access
(set flags on user accounts, add assurance points over an account).
So therefor we've deployed the Testserver-Management-System - short TMS
that includes administrative functions to manage accounts and also a simple mail viewer, to read "received" mail content for a specific user under testing.

The mail viewer is no real mail client. This mail viewer is only a workaround that content of mails can be displayed (eg the confirmation string that is needed to confirm an account creation).
The mail viewer cannot handle crypted mails, binhex, Base64 mails, s/mime mails, only raw text is displayed. No internet headers will be displayed, and also the subject handling has no conversion routines implemented.

If someone feels compfortable to program a real working mail client under zend-framework (the TMS is build on), please feel free :)
The source is available under the git repository
as cacert-mgr.git

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related to 0001025 needs workNEOatNHNG Main CAcert Website Domain Dispute strange behaviour / Domain Dispute issue 
related to 0000769 needs workTed Main CAcert Website Client certificate broken with unicode 


Werner Dworak

2012-12-21 05:14

updater   ~0003516

More than 3 month fixed and no complaints


2013-02-12 22:06

updater   ~0003749

Last edited: 2013-02-12 22:12
problem persists
should be fixed anyway, but has low priority
fix has to be an update to zend framework / mail routines under TMS / ca-mgr1


2015-08-09 16:28

updater   ~0005444

I pushed a fix to


2015-08-20 19:14

updater   ~0005452

I pushed a new fix to


2015-09-08 20:32

updater   ~0005461

I pushed a new fixed to

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