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Summary0000952: CSR not signed, pending forever: "Supported Key Types and Sizes"
DescriptionSubmitted by Christopher Head <>

Is there a list somewhere of what key types and sizes are supported by
CACert? Whenever I've submitted 1024-bit RSA or DSA CSRs, they've been
signed almost instantly. I submitted a 3072-bit DSA CSR for a
client certificate quite a while ago (> 1 hour), and it's still pending!
Are 3072-bit DSA keys not supported? What about ECDSA, were I to choose
to create such a key? It seems that just leaving the certificate listed
as "Pending" forever is a rather misleading way of reporting that the
key format is unsupported.


I'm just now querying more details from him to make the problem reproducable.
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related to 0001101 needs workTimoAHummel general rewrite of get info from csr routine in includes/general.php 



2011-06-16 11:38

developer   ~0002048

Sent by Chris:

I believe I used "openssl dsaparam 3072 > param.pem && openssl gendsa
- -out key.pem param.pem && openssl req -new -out req.pem -key key.pem".
I've attached the CSR (it's not exactly secret, after all).


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