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0000974CATS.cacert.orgTranslation: Contentpublic2017-08-20 13:47
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Summary0000974: Translation of Assurer Challenge to Spanish
DescriptionThis is to keep track of the current status of the translation.
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2011-08-22 22:13

administrator   ~0002320

Current status:

New test created, translation not started


2013-01-22 19:21

reporter   ~0003715

I'd like to translate the Assurer Challenge to Spanish. AFAIK I have to tell the number of my client certificate in order to enable access to do the job.

Is that Ok?



2017-08-16 20:36

reporter   ~0005552

@chema.alonso: Yes, please, do it (if not allready started)!


2017-08-18 14:11

reporter   ~0005553

Unfortunatelly one year ago or so I lost access to my CAcert account. I tried to get it back contacting support with no success, so I decided to quit as assurer and translator.


2017-08-20 13:47

reporter   ~0005554

@chema.alonso: I am sorry about that. In fact CAcert had some trouble last spring/summer with a lack of volunteers (not only) for support. This was really a bad time to have troubles :-( But now, support works well again.

Yo comienzo como usted en 2013 en CAcert. Con su ayuda y la ayuda de algunos otros, traeremos adelante CAcert. Veo la ingeniería de soporte esta semana. Por favor escriba un e-mail a secretary AT cacert DOT org Habrá una solución en muy poco tiempo. (Sorry for poor spanish)

I see the support engineering this week. please write an e-mail to the secretary AT cacert DOT org There will be a solution in very short time.

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