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Summary0000994: SSL failure
Description>To connect to the assure challenge you need a valid CAcert client
>certificate installed in your browser. To see if you are able to
>install a Client certificate ia actually the first test of the challenge.

How clever... and discouraging. I was following the links presented to me in order to learn more, so I went to the Training page, hoping to learn about training. The mostly-empty page included this message:

"You have at least 100 Assurance Points, if you want to become an assurer try the Assurer Challenge!"

Wanting to learn more about the Assurer Challenge, I clicked on that link. You have fooled me, I'm now in the challenge without even knowing it! I am NOT amused. A link to would have been MUCH more helpful. I am now treading carefully through that document.
Steps To ReproduceI logged on to via Password, and arrived at

I clicked the "CAcert Web of Trust" menu item, which included a link saying "Training" and arrived at

That page included this message:
You have at least 100 Assurance Points, if you want to become an assurer try the Assurer Challenge!

The words "Assurer Challenge" were a link to
As you probably know, that site requires a Client Certificate in order to establish the necessary SSL connection. My suggestion is that this link go to the Wiki page

Similarly, the "CAcert Web of Trust" menu item which says "Assure Someone" goes to
This page also has a link saying "Assurer Challenge" which goes to so it is also unusable without a Client Certificate. Again, I think this should be a link to the Wiki.

Thank you for looking into this!

(reported by Win)
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