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0001253Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2018-11-05 10:36
ReporterINOPIAEAssigned Todastrath 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status needs reviewResolutionopen 
Product Version2014 Q1 
Target Version2015 Q2Fixed in Version 
Summary0001253: Remove deprecated <font> formatting
DescriptionThe font tag is deprecated. Use span or div instead and possibly create a proper CSS class for it (or reuse an existing one).
TagsNo tags attached.
Reviewed byTed
Test InstructionsCause error messages and see if the HTML is using CSS classes instead of style attributes


related to 0000649 needs review & testingEva verify that someone is an Assurer 



2014-03-04 21:24

updater   ~0004615



2015-01-27 21:03

updater   ~0005280

I tried to long in with a wrong passphrase.
In the html code there was no font tag around the error message.
0> OK


2015-01-27 21:16

updater   ~0005281

It would be nice to know where there can be errors to be able to test them.


2015-02-03 21:26

updater   ~0005306

Benny collected the following error messages (copy from pad):
- account_stuff: Allgemeine Account-Fehler-Meldungen
- general_stuff: Allgemeine Fehler-Meldungen
- includes/shutdown.php
- (tverify-Fehler)
- account/14: Pass Phrase der *
- (account/40: Mailinglist Note)
- index/0: disabled functions ...
- index/1: Pass Phrase der *
- (index/11: Mailinglist Note)
- index/6: Pass Phrase der *
- wot/1: CATS/Assurer
- wot/5: Allgemeine Fehlerausgabe
- wot/8: Allgemeine Fehlerausgabe
- wot/9: Allgemeine Fehlerausgabe
- www/gpg: GPG-Key-Fehler
- www/wot: Allgemeine Warnungsausgabe


2015-02-24 22:06

updater   ~0005331

Last edited: 2015-03-03 22:07

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Could test without issues:
account/14 -> ok
index/1 - multiple situations -> ok
index/6 - multiple situations -> ok
wot/5: Allgemeine Fehlerausgabe - multiple situations -> ok
www/wot: Allgemeine Warnungsausgabe -> ok [however the error as such is wrong]
gpg: GPG-Key-Fehler -> ok

not testable without access to testserver:
index/0: disabled functions ...

not testable at all, as it was removed:
(account/40: Mailinglist Note)
(index/11: Mailinglist Note)

account_stuff: Allgemeine Account-Fehler-Meldungen
- unsure what this should be, some account errors produced at index/1 -> ok?

general_stuff: Allgemeine Fehler-Meldungen
- unsure what this should be
file not founds -> ok

Could not produce the errors on the following pages - according to Felix they are deleted before they are shown
wot/8: Allgemeine Fehlerausgabe
wot/9: Allgemeine Fehlerausgabe

Even as there should be a situation where the following page displayed an "error" in the tables for user who have no CATs but 100 points, those users were just not shown, so could not test this error:
wot/1: CATS/Assurer
edit: could see this later -> ok

General note:
It would be good if errors were displayed always in the same manner.

=> those that I could produce were OK - could not do complete test


2015-03-03 21:26

updater   ~0005351

- includes/account.php
- includes/keygen.php
- pages/advertising/1.php


2015-03-03 21:27

updater   ~0005352

Last edited: 2015-03-03 21:37

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all wot/pages all displayed error showed an error class => ok
index/1 and 6 all displayed error showed an error class => ok

account/14 all displayed error showed an error class => ok

advertising/1 displayed error showed an error class => ok
 => ok


2015-03-03 21:54

updater   ~0005353

Last edited: 2015-03-03 22:03

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- includes/account.php is
account/14 -> is improved compared to last test
-> ok

- includes/keygen.php
-> needs IE without activeX - I do not have access to this browser at the moment, so no test from me for this
-> not tested

- pages/advertising/1.php is
advertising.php?id=1 - I do not see anything there
-> ok
(Hint: you need to have Add Admin rights = 1 - relog after you set this flag)

=> OK, as far as I could test it (did not retest other things)


2015-03-03 22:12

updater   ~0005354

As the bugtracker currently doesn't show the patches you can find them alternatively


2018-10-20 21:56

administrator   ~0005611

Last edited: 2018-10-20 21:56

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I removed a trailing semicolon in one style attribute.
The specification at does not allow trailing semicolons in style attributes, though AFAIK it is tolerated by most browsers.

Since this is in fact a fallback to the previous version (and an extremly minor change) I don't think that this has to go through testing once more.

All other changes are acceptable. One might argue the class names, since "error_indicator" is used to indicate (IMHO) warnings in some places, but insisting on a change here would be nitpicking. I'll leave this to a followup bug report if someone also feels this way.

The review is PASSED.


2018-10-20 22:18

administrator   ~0005612

Hmm, this issue has already been reviewed by BenBE in 2015, and AFAIK he was a Sofrware Assessor then. So this issue might be considered as reviewed by two SAs, but there have been code changes (beyond my little one) after BenBEs first review...


2018-11-05 10:36

administrator   ~0005654

Dirk, can you just give a second review? It's a quite easy job, and could help to warm up for the other jobs to follow...

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