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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryReviewed by
  0001425 [Main CAcert Website]
certificate issuing
minornew2017-04-11SHA384 hash specifying not working
  00012781[Main CAcert Website]
minornew2017-04-10CAcert PGP key is using outdated and insecure crypto algorithms (DSA/1024 bit)
  00012026[Main CAcert Website]
certificate issuing
majorconfirmed2017-04-07Support for Elliptic Curve Certificates
  00013055[Main CAcert Website]
certificate issuing
majornew (dastrath)2017-04-05CAcert Class1 root certificate needs to be reissued with an updated CDP and a SHA-based signature
minornew2017-04-04Mantis allows login without SSL/TLS 
  0001424 []
minornew2017-03-29HP Printer Certificate Error 
  00014232[Main CAcert Website]
website content
majornew2017-03-10Link to an Asian Loan Bank
  0001422 [Main CAcert Website]
website content
majornew2017-02-15Failure to confirm email addresses
  0001421 [Main CAcert Website]
website content
majornew2017-02-15Certificate error logging in
majornew2016-12-28Voting System no more accessible with Firefox 38.0.5 
  00014172[Main CAcert Website]
certificate issuing
majornew2016-12-28Unable to generate client certificate
  0001419 [Main CAcert Website]
website content
minornew2016-12-19Issue with displaying "é" as é in "Client Certificates - View all certificates"
Content (Questions and Answers)
minorsolved? (Ted)2016-10-13"New Hebrides" no longer exist 
  0001238 [Main CAcert Website]
certificate issuing
minorconfirmed2016-09-17Problems with signing server certs with elliptic curve crypto
  00002233[Main CAcert Website]
account administration
featureconfirmed2016-08-28Auditor Interface
  000085914[Main CAcert Website]
account administration
featureneeds work (NEOatNHNG)2016-08-28feature request: show activity on an account in the admin interface.NEOatNHNG
  00012591[Main CAcert Website]
account administration
minornew2016-08-14Database cleanup regarding deleted accounts
  0001416 [Main CAcert Website]
certificate issuing
majornew2016-07-28Not receiving account confirmation e-mail for account creation
  0001415 [Main CAcert Website]
account administration
minornew2016-06-29treat deleted emails like free emails in email disputes functionality
User Interface
featureneeds work2016-05-03use gettext for translations 
Translation: User Interface
minorneeds review & testing (Ted)2016-05-03User Interface Translation to Spanish 
Content (Questions and Answers)
majorneeds work (Ted)2016-03-03'back'-button shows solution of test 
User Interface
featureneeds work2016-03-03use utf-8 as encoding 
  00014115[Main CAcert Website]
website content
minorneeds review & testing (BenBE)2016-03-01Change all PayPal donations buttons to the payment sites of CAcert in EURBenBE
  00013433[Main CAcert Website]
source code
majorready to deploy (NEOatNHNG)2016-02-26CommModule does not respond correctly to start/stop commandsNEOatNHNG, BenBE
  0001413 [Main CAcert Website]
featurenew (INOPIAE)2016-02-24Introduce CSP and other security headers
Translation: User Interface
minorneeds review (Ted)2016-02-18User Interface Translation to French 
  00003202[Main CAcert Website]
website content
tweakfix available (felixd)2016-02-11Stop abusing $_REQUEST (and other special arrays)
  00011629[Main CAcert Website]
source code
tweakfix available (INOPIAE)2016-02-11calcutate (the passwords) hash in php instead of in mysql -> \\
  0001410 []
User Interface
minornew2015-12-20Not the exact text in "Server Certificates" - "View" 
  0001409 []
User Interface
textnew2015-12-20An improper text which can baffle users 
  0001372 [Main CAcert Website]
website content
tweaknew2015-12-19Windows Installer not working
  0001408 [Main CAcert Website]
featurenew2015-12-12API to return the Assurer Status to be used from CAcert systems
  00012954[Main CAcert Website]
source code
majorfix available (BenBE)2015-12-12fix_assurer_flag() function in includes/lib/account.php causes mysql 5.5 server warnings
  000064912[Main CAcert Website]
web of trust
featureneeds review & testing (Eva)2015-12-12verify that someone is an Assurer
Result Upload
minorneeds review & testing (Ted)2015-12-05Result upload should support new testserver and privacy tests 
Content (Questions and Answers)
featureneeds work (Benedikt)2015-12-03Add additional CATS tests for Data Privacy (Test & Prod) 
featureneeds work2015-11-25votebot should run on CAcert infrastructure 
  00012545[Main CAcert Website]
website content
majorfix available (BenBE)2015-11-25Update the signed PGP-Message containing the fingerprints of CAcert
User Interface
minorneeds review (Ted)2015-11-04CATS accepts server certificates for login 
  00013933[Main CAcert Website]
my account
minorneeds review & testing (felixd)2015-10-24Provide transcript for email ping (on error)BenBE
  00013823[Main CAcert Website]
minorneeds review (BenBE)2015-10-23Missing name entries if organisation name contains special characters on Organisation overview
  000104219[Main CAcert Website]
source code
minorneeds review & testing (Eva)2015-10-20Review the code regarding the new point calculation
  00008631[Main CAcert Website]
account administration
featureneeds work (Eva)2015-10-20limitation to 2 ttp assurances
  000102328[Main CAcert Website]
web of trust
minorneeds work (Eva)2015-10-20Consolidate changes into the Assure Someone pagedastrath, NEOatNHNG
  000092012[Main CAcert Website]
account administration
majorneeds work (Eva)2015-10-20error "First and/or last names were blank." conflicts with International Requirements (eg Indonesian Names (Givenname only))Ted, NEOatNHNG
  000098811[Main CAcert Website]
web of trust
featureneeds review & testing (Eva)2015-10-20TTP CAP form deploymentBenBE
  0001043 [Main CAcert Website]
source code
minorneeds review & testing (Eva)2015-10-20Review the code regarding the new point calculation in ./stamp/common.phpBenBE
  00010612[Main CAcert Website]
source code
minorneeds review & testing (Eva)2015-10-20Review the code regarding the new point calculation in ./CommModule/usbclient.plBenBE
  00010461[Main CAcert Website]
source code
minorneeds review & testing (Eva)2015-10-20Review the code regarding the new point calculation in ./scripts/cron/updatesort.php
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