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0001461Blogwebsite contentpublic2019-04-26 20:54
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Summary0001461: Blog does not support Hacek accent
DescriptionThe blog does probabely not support unicode. Eastern European languages are not well displayed. Text like "Cizincům nabízíme kurzy češtiny s certifikovanou zkouškou" is not well displayed. Letters with hatchek or a cercle about an u are replaced with "?".
Steps To ReproducePut some czech text in the text window. Press the preview button or the publish button. Accents will be replaced by "?".
Additional InformationThe example shown in the uploaded pictures was written in LibreOffice, saved as png-picture and published as picture, not as text.
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2019-04-26 20:53


CAcertCATSCzech.png (223,664 bytes)
CAcertCATSCzech.png (223,664 bytes)

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