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0000769Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2015-08-30 06:39
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Summary0000769: Client certificate broken with unicode
DescriptionWhile generating client certificate, I got certificate with name "Michal &". I guess something went wrong when processing unicode name "Michal ?iha?".
[The surname could be for example "Čihař".]
Steps To ReproduceTried generate a client cert on the testsys. My name contains "š" (s-caron). It is taken from my account, where I suppose is OK (displayed OK in my account). However, it is CP-1250 one-byte coded in the client cert created. As client cert is probably UTF-8 (two-bytes for diacritic) coded, this CP-1250 coding is wrong.
Additional InformationSuch error occurs in Win/IE, Win/Chrome, and also Linux Ubuntu/Mozilla Firefox, Linux OpenSuSE/Mozilla Firefox.
This error can be also seen at the beginning of e-mail notices about end of cert's validity. E.G.: Hi Ale�, (etc.) usually I can only read "Hi Ale,". The last char of my name depends on the mail client. Here the hex representation was FDFF meaning the information was lost. Another clients show 9A00 (CP-1250), or C2006101. The correct Unicode representation is 6101 only. The correct UTF-8 representation is C5A1. The representation in the cert is 9A (CP-1250). It would be correct, if this text in the cert was preceded by a coding type and codepage number (I do not know if it is).
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2015-08-29 20:51

reporter   ~0005460

This error is very unpleasant, as it concerns the basic info - user's name.
As of certs with names I am not Aleš anymore, but Ale (beer) only.

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