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0001317Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2015-10-20 20:14
Reporterjanmaco Assigned ToEva  
Status needs reviewResolutionopen 
Product Version2014 Q3 
Target Version2015 Q1 
Summary0001317: Weak email sanity check when adding a new PGP key
DescriptionI tried to sign a PGP key with an email address containing a + (like test+a@example.tld). Using such an e-mail results in an error (No valid uid).
Steps To ReproduceCreate a PGP key with an email address containing a '+' -> paste it to the "Add PGP key" form
Additional InformationA cause may be located in incomplete regexes;
 if (preg_match("/<([\w.-]*\@[\w.-]*)>/", $bits[9],$match)) {
                    //echo "Found: ".$match[1];
                    $mail = trim(gpg_hex2bin($match[1]));
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Reviewed byBenBE
Test InstructionsTry to sign a mail address with a plus sign in it.



2015-01-14 10:59

updater   ~0005237

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I have a patch for this bug here:


2015-02-03 21:25

updater   ~0005305

I created a pgp key for the address and added it to the account.

The key was signed. -> ok
The key contained the signature -> ok
The key contained the correct name and email address -> ok
The key was displayed correctly in the "view" overview for pgp keys -> ok

=> ok

(I did not test other special characters as only "+" seems to be added)


2015-03-03 21:09

updater   ~0005342

I got a PGP key signed with an email address containing a "+". Keys with an incorrect email address still get rejected.



2015-03-03 21:14

updater   ~0005345

As there are two successfull tests, please do your review(s)

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