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0001423Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2019-10-02 19:28
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Summary0001423: Link to an Asian Loan Bank
DescriptionOn the bottom of are some logos with links to this organisations as bit, tunix, nlnet, but also open architecture networtk. The open architecture networtk does not exist anymore and the url is redirected to a loan bank institut in Singapore (

A. The OAN logo should be removed.
B. If the bank pays some subsidies to CAcert, the logo should be replaced by their own logo.
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related to 0001440 needs reviewTed link to EU-EEA-DataProtectionDeclaration 



2017-03-10 18:18

updater   ~0005540

I confirm that the link is pointing to a bank, now, which does not seem to have a specific relation to the original project. Further a quick search of mine did not provide any indication that the project continues to be active, but the search was not in depth.

Howerver I believe that about adding and removing of sponsors, board should decide. I advise to request for a confirmation that this should be done by board, before such a fix is done. They also should be those who know if it would be correct to remove the link or to let it point to a new destination of the project (or the correct destination of the bank, but I doubt that).


2017-03-10 18:43

updater   ~0005541

I asked board via public mail how the correct solution would look like:
a) deleting the complete link, including the logo
b) fixing the link to a new location
c) changing the link to directly point to that bank, with correct logo
(probably not desired)


2018-11-06 00:05

reporter   ~0005657

The solution should be: remove the link from the logo. The logo itself can remain for the moment (until board decided how to deal with this logos).


2018-11-06 00:06

reporter   ~0005658

This problem could be solved together with 0001440. GuKK Devel, can you do that? I am willing to review.


2019-09-26 20:43

administrator   ~0005846

Branch bug-1423 is now merged into the testserver installation and can be tested.

Test is quite easy: verify that the Open Architecture Logo ir removed from the bottom of the start page
Maybe verify that the logo is on no other page.


2019-09-26 22:26

reporter   ~0005847

I tested it:
1. Opened
2. scrolled down
3. did see 3 logos, but not that one from OpenArchitecture.

-> OK


2019-09-27 09:28

updater   ~0005848

got the main page with logo of openarchitecture not shown.

looks as expected --> OK


2019-10-02 19:28

administrator   ~0005850

Minimum test reports are reached (which should be enough for such a simple change, but don't hesitate to post your report nevertheless!), so I'm putting this in status "needs review"...

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