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0001447Main CAcert Websitepublic2020-01-23 10:20
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PlatformMain CAcert WebsiteOSN/AOS Versionstable
Summary0001447: Cannot access main cacert website
DescriptionUsing Firefox 63.0 on Manjaro Linux 18.0 (Kernel Linux 4.14.78-1-MANJARO) I can't access website at all to fetch/update my certificates.

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parent of 0001305 needs review & testingTed CAcert Class1 root certificate needs to be reissued with an updated CDP and a SHA-based signature 
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2019-01-03 13:17

reporter   ~0005726

What happens, when you "Add Exception…"?
Can you add an exception?


2019-01-03 13:30

reporter   ~0005727

No I can't add an exception.


2019-01-03 13:31

reporter   ~0005728

I looks like a combo: algorithm disabled and can't add exception because of HSTS.


2019-01-03 13:42

reporter   ~0005729

Have you already tried to replace the root certificate, as described here:


2019-04-04 09:52

reporter   ~0005789

Re-importing the root certificate within Firefox solved the problem


2020-01-14 15:00

manager   ~0005859

Chains, roots, bundles moved to
after 20190410


2020-01-23 08:40

reporter   ~0005860

I can't access the main site "" from germany. "No Route to host". "" which is just a few steps away is accessable. Possibly "" has anti DDOS meshures in place?


2020-01-23 10:20

administrator   ~0005861

There had been an issue on the server which hosts

It required a full power-down-cycle to get it running again (after we tried to reboot the server via software yesterday).

Some more details can be found at, a deeper root-cause-analysis will be done later the day and published there.

(Small note: This issue has nothing to do with certificate issues on

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