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0001445Main CAcert Website[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-11-16 10:55
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Summary0001445: The code has hardcoded. Replace with settings file.
DescriptionThere are 2846 instances of in the code. Some are comments and some are constants that should be moved to a configuration file.
Some are straight text and should be something like the following in a .ini file.
domain_name =
Some are capitalised and should be something like the following in a .ini file.
domain_name_display =
Some are email addresses and could be something like the following in a .ini file.
lists_email_address = cacert-tverify@lists{domain_name}

In the config file, domain name would be first then substituted into the following settings.
Steps To ReproducePerform a global scan for You will see lines like the following.
$body .= " user\n\n";
Additional InformationThis could be added to some common code used for other things including an autoloader. I would not hold up the mysql or other issues for this change.
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has duplicate 0001449 needs workbdmc Move configuration from code to external file 



2018-11-04 09:08

administrator   ~0005651

this is not an infrastructure (system administration) issue. It does not belong into this bug tracker project but into the main website project.

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