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0001476Community.cacert.orgmiscpublic2020-01-28 08:43
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Summary0001476: is down is no more accessible. No access to webmail. If client based e-mail is still running, is not known.
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"site cannot been reached"
Additional Informationsame result while testing with
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2020-01-27 22:13


1_screen.jpg (4,078 bytes)   
1_screen.jpg (4,078 bytes)   


2020-01-28 08:43

administrator   ~0005862

I restarted the unresponsive webmail LXC container, the system is reachable again. Unfortunatelly the whole infrastructure host is low on RAM and does a lot of swapping. 16 GiB for the whole stack of applications seems to be not enough. Main culprits are and

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