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Summary0001513: Hollywood Taught Me: No Matter What You Look Like, You Can Always Be Cheated On
DescriptionAmerican women by and large are woefully ignorant of the true nature of men.

The reason a man may cheat can have very little to do with his partner. This is something within, deep within. Loneliness, insecurity, aging, midlife crisis, the poor partner maybe along for the ride, he may indeed still love her, think she is great mother, wonderful life partner, but it doesn’t matter. If he feels unfulfilled, he will seek out and pursue with great energy mind you,
other women.
Upon commitment, we expect them to be our “everything”, and in most cases this is a recipe for failure! Men truly believe the world revolves around them! We oh so stupidly believe if we do everything, sacrifice everything they will stay faithful . . . oh ladies please get a clue!
This is compounded with the fact the reasons why people marry maybe highly questionable at best! Everyone can have and will have problems in relationships, but these celebs choose very poorly and expect perfection . . . whatever that is!
Wiz and Amber? Only a fool thought this would last.
Gabby and DWade, she was with HIM when He WAS still married . . . then he played her . . . and this is the base of a solid future?
Sadly men cheat every day, just make sure you have done your best in making a choice for a lifetime commitment with this man. The women covered in this article obviously didn’t!
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