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0000152Main CAcert Websitesource codepublic2013-11-20 22:23
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Summary0000152: I spy with my little eye something beginning with U ...
DescriptionUserdata, Lostpassword questions/answers, ... of every user I like. can be used to display everything in $_SESSION['_config']['user']. If you perform a "find an assurer"->"email Me" this variable will be set with the data of the user you found using the search function. If you now update the account/13.php site you can see the users data.

It should not be possible to run account/*.php directly. One solution would be to add something like

if (eregi('nameofscript.php', $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])) die('You are not allowed to see this page directly');

I think there is a generic alias for nameofscript.php (something like __NAME__).

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has duplicate 0000209 closedduane unauthenticated access on the test1 website 



2006-03-05 11:42

developer   ~0000095

.htaccess denies access to all files in the dir.


2006-04-24 05:46

manager   ~0000198

Has this bug been exploited? Check with webserver logfiles.


2006-08-14 03:38

developer   ~0000412

Fixed in another bug.


2006-08-14 05:26

manager   ~0000423

My request was to verify that this bug has not been exploited. And please never close bugs I reported. Just assign them to me for feedback.


2006-08-14 05:44

developer   ~0000425

This was closed as it was a duplicate report and there is no point having 2 bugs for the same problem, as for checking logs this would be impossible to tell as we only keep 12 months of server logs (debian default)

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