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0000431Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-01-14 21:36
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Summary0000431: A List of addresses that you sent a reminder with status report
DescriptionOn big events you got a lot of people to assure. (From CeBit I turned a pile of paper for the fifth time - which costs an hour each run)
So it would be nice to have a statuslist on the "Assure someone" page in the wot.
This should contain:
email - rejected - account created - (Button:remove - Button:remind again | Button:assure)
If you sent a person a reminder, you don't know, if the email got there. If I did a typo or the address does not exists, it would be nice to know (indicated by the second column). The third column should inform me, if the person creates an account on cacert. The buttons should give the opportunity to send a reminder again (perhaps with a language drop down box) and to delete an invalid address respectively to assure the person (this should also remove the entry).
Additional InformationIdea for a table structure:
assurerid (the assurer can only see his reminder-list)
mail_rejected BOOLEAN DEFAULT false
account_created BOOLEAN DEFAULT false
last_sent timestamp (internal - to set a limit of mails in a week)
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related to 0000524 new Send email of 'contact assurer' dialog to submitter too 


Werner Dworak

2012-12-20 19:18

updater   ~0003493

Cannot be done, would create data protection problems

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