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0000438Main CAcert Websitetverifypublic2013-01-14 21:40
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Summary0000438: tverify fails if optional middle name doesn't match
DescriptionMiddle name is optional on Thawte and CAcert, and in both services it can't be modified after you got your points.

Then I consider blocking the tverify process on the first stage because middle name doesn't match it's a bug. This detected conflict should only be an extra alert to the people who verify the given information (Photo ID inclusive) and compares what Thawte and CAcert knows.
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related to 0000014 closed 0000019: Tverify does not work in some cases : wrong thawte cert verification assumptions ? 



2007-10-24 05:24

developer   ~0000901

We need to fix the policies regarding name matching, then adequate tverify to the new policies. Please refer to the cacert-policy mailing list for details.

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