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0000662Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2013-01-15 07:56
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Fixed in Version2009 Q2 
Summary0000662: Issuing certificates via the CertAPI facility does not work [solution known]
DescriptionThe CertApi is documented here:

The problem occurs in ccsr.php lines 61-71. Currently read:

    $CSR = trim($_REQUEST['optionalCSR']);
    $tmpname = tempnam("/tmp", "CSR");
    $tempnam = tempnam("/tmp", "CSR");
    $fp = fopen($tmpname, "w");
    fputs($fp, $CSR);
    $do = `/usr/bin/openssl req -in $tmpname -out $tempnam`;
    if(filesize($tempnam) <= 0)
        die("404,Invalid or missing CSR");

This will work the first time it is run and for a lot of times after that but will eventually start to fail because sooner or later it will be impossible to create a file in /tmp. I recommend changing it to read:

    $CSR = trim($_REQUEST['optionalCSR']);
    $incsr = tempnam("/tmp", "CSR");
    $checkedcsr = tempnam("/tmp", "CSR");
    $fp = fopen($incsr, "w");
    fputs($fp, $CSR);
    $do = `/usr/bin/openssl req -in $incsr -out $checkedcsr`;
    if(filesize($checkedcsr) <= 0)
        die("404,Invalid or missing CSR:".$do);

Obviously this also requires the later rename to be changed to:

        rename($checkedcsr, $CSRname);

This change also gives the invoker more information than before if their request fails (they will get the openssl req output from processing their CSR).
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2009-04-09 19:13

administrator   ~0001358

The code has been improved. We intentionally do not output the OpenSSL errors, due to potential leaks and Cross-Site-Scripting

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