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0000861test.cacert.orgtest.cacert.orgpublic2013-01-09 04:28
ReporterUli60 Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
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Summary0000861: set flags - set of flags different to - admin console flags under testserver
Descriptionflags that can be enabled / disabled with Admin flag enabled:

                 Adm Mgmt
blocked Assurer: + +
locked Account: + +
Code-Certs: + +
Org Admin: + +
TTP Admin: + +
Location Admin: + +
Admin: + +
Board Member - +

so probably Board Member flag can be set thru Testserver Mgmt System, but
cannot reset thru Admin console
Additional InformationTestserver Mgmt System is probably a one-way enable flags script
can also flags be reset thru Testserver Mgmt System ?
If not, Board Member flag cannot be reset
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related to 0001134 closedNEOatNHNG Main CAcert Website Delete the board flag thourougly in all parts of our software 



2010-09-07 19:19

administrator   ~0001705

The management system should normally read the flags currently set in the account and check the boxes on the form accordingly. This doesn't work currently however, so this is a bug and needs fixing.


2010-09-07 21:15

administrator   ~0001706

It seems that values are always retrieved as strings from the data base no matter what type the column in the db has. This string was compared to a integer literal in a type sensitive way which always failed.

Fixed in 1ad3b9d49db068b3954c7e05fba2320038d0698b


2010-09-07 21:16

administrator   ~0001707

Please test if the fix also works for you and report any results (be it positive or negative)


2010-09-07 21:47

administrator   ~0001708

Last edited: 2010-09-07 21:49

For testing:
- Enable some of the flags in the test management system (Manage Account -> Set Flags) and click "Save Flags"
- Go to some other page/reload the page in your browser (or if you want to be sure log out and in again) and verify the capability set by the flag has been enabled (e.g. for Support Engineer you have to have assurer status, then set the flag and log into your account on the test system. You should now see a "System Admin" menu on the right)
- The check box in the test management system for the flag should be checked if you go to Manage Account -> Set Flags again, uncheck it and click "Save Flags"
- Verify that the capability set by the flag has been disabled (e.g. no "System Admin" menu on the right any more)


2010-09-08 00:35

updater   ~0001711

checked with initial found problem flag:
board flag - enabled
 assure someone (an email you have not assured before)
 you get an option box with 5 selections:
 face-2-face, Trusted 3rd Parties, Thawte Points Transfer, Administrative Increase and CT Magazine

with board flag removed
 you get only 2 options
 face-2-face, Trusted 3rd Parties

so board flag enable / disable works

btw. between changes you have to logout and logon again to get the changes activated, as the flag settings are read once at login time and will be passed thru global vars from page to page


2010-11-21 15:14

administrator   ~0001790

No more problems reported in this area and original reporter says it's fixed for him.

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