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0000925Infrastructuretoolspublic2018-04-06 09:24
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Summary0000925: a frontend for managing svn accounts and groups would be nice
Descriptionit would be nice to have a (properly secured) tool to administer the svn accounts on The minimum feature set should be:

- create/update/delete accounts
- create/update/delete client certificate aliases
- create/update/delete groups
- create/update/delete account/alias to group assignments
- create/update/delete path ACLs
- create/update/delete group to path ACL assignments
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2011-05-02 04:29

administrator   ~0001950

But the project seems to be stalled. However, I might be interested in taking over the project sometime.

Are there any alternatives?


2018-04-06 09:24

administrator   ~0005581

svn access changes are very scarce (~ 1/year) it is not worth the effort to implement some frontend. The access configuration may be moved to Puppet code.

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