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0001462Wikiorganisational sectionpublic2019-05-08 07:03
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Summary0001462: wiki is down
DescriptionI have no more access to the wiki all day today:

"Error: Network timeout

The server under takes too long to send a response.

    The website may be temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
    If you are unable to access another website, please check your network/internet connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, please make sure that Firefox is allowed to access the Internet." (error message translated with from German)

I tried with Firefox, Konqueror, Opera and Chrome.



2019-05-07 20:26

reporter   ~0005806

at 22:25 worked again


2019-05-07 20:46

reporter   ~0005807

Date: Tue, 07 May 2019 22:38:03 +0200
From: dirk


It seems, that somebody spiders our wiki from time to time ... Unfortunately this seems to cause an issue with Apache ...

Restarted Apache ..

( Maybe I'll replace Apache with nginx to solve this issue ... )

Kind regards



2019-05-08 07:03

administrator   ~0005808

nginx with uwsgi might be a good option but the primary issue seems to be the massive I/O usage of the file backend of the Wiki software. atop on the infra02 host reveals that the Apache/mod_wsgi processes produce almost 100% of all I/O load on the machine.

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