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0000725Wikipublic2014-11-04 22:26
ReporterMathieuSimon Assigned Toteus  
Status needs workResolutionopen 
Summary0000725: CAP and COAP Generator fail with special Caracters
DescriptionI recognized that special characters like ä,ö,ü,é and è make problems in the HTML Form when I use the new form on the wiki.

When I only use one of these characters when filling the form in the web, I just get a blank white browser window. When I omit these caracters, the form works well and I get a PDF file.

I think its something related to Character Set limitation.
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related to 0001039 needs review & testing Main CAcert Website Cyber peretas nomor 085823771018 
related to 0001097 closedNEOatNHNG Main CAcert Website Special characters which have no HTML-entities are not properly escaped 


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