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0000714Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2013-01-11 17:40
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Summary0000714: Valid local part gets rejected when adding new mail address to account
DescriptionI tried to add a mail address with local part "=8-}" (without the '"') to my account. This failed. Adding a mail address with just letters as local part and the same domain name just worked. The problem is reproduceable.
Additional InformationThe local part "=8-}" consist only of characters allowed by RFC 2822. As far as I can suspect, the Mail address check is broken in such that it (a) doesn't confirm to RFC 2822 or (b) tries to decode the local part as quoted printable.
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duplicate of 0000518 new Valid E-Mail addresses with specal chars are rejected 
related to 0001097 closedNEOatNHNG Special characters which have no HTML-entities are not properly escaped 



2009-04-19 22:40

administrator   ~0001372

Please provide a patch, if you want to get this behaviour changed.

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